Culver City is a prime location in Los Angeles not only for business but residents as well.  Culver City is actually home to the MGM studios!  With a lot going on in the area, over 30,000 people get into some legal trouble whether it be accidents or employment problems.  Almost 50% of residents in Culver City are renters, which results in some property legal issues.

Sometimes, there are some cases that cannot be settled outside of court, but we try to settle everything outside of the courtroom.  More complicated and longer cases would usually take place at the Los Angeles County Central Court.

What Makes Lipton Legal Special:


Here at Lipton Legal Group, personal injury lawyer in Culver City, we will provide our clients with the best legal solution for their situation.  We do things the right way but also shoot for the best results in your case.  We will work with you and explain everything with our information and stellar resources.


We give all the support to clients that they need because they deserve it.  Lipton Legal knows how much it sucks to be in a legal situation, nobody wants to be there.  This is why we pride ourselves on stellar customer service because we know how many questions there are


We will be there for whatever you may need. Our personal injury attorney in Culver City are skilled in so many aspects of law and are diverse in the areas that they practice.

Southern California is a competitive market, and we will get you the best results that you need.  We believe that collaboration with our clients will achieve the results that we all want.  We achieve these results because of our stellar customer service and commitment to collaboration with the client and giving them resources.

We want to represent you and educate you!

       SO WHAT?

Personal injury lawyer in Culver City, Lipton Legal Group, not only works with clients but also works within the Los Angeles community. That is why we are partnering with the great cause, The Queen of Hearts Rescue Foundation.

We are in unprecedented times due to COVID-19, and we want to do our part to help.  That is why Lipton Legal has started the Lipton Legal Accident Relief Fund.  This fund will provide meals to our medical workers with help from Roaming Hunger.  Food trucks will go throughout Los Angeles and provide meals to these medical heroes free of charge.  

A law firm that is honest while pushing for results, while respecting the client and communicating with them, to strive for collaboration.

-Lipton Legal Group


What We Can Offer:


People’s irresponsibility can cause you to get injured, and you should be compensated for those mistakes from someone else. Our attorneys will push for full compensation against these insurance companies that are stingy.

We know that timing can be tough, and that’s why we even offer consultations on nights and weekends. You should contact us at (310) 855-7556 to let us know about your situation.


If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in California, Lipton Legal Group, personal injury lawyer in Culver City, can advise you if you can file a claim.  We can take on those insurance companies and get the compensation that you deserve.



In this day and age, there is no reason that any sort of discrimination should be going on, especially in the workplace.  We are dedicated to correcting any employee discrimination that you may have experienced.

Our great state of California helps employees out when they go through this type of discrimination.  There is a great chance that you can receive monetary compensation when this occurs. If we don’t get a settlement from you, then there is no need to pay us.


Real estate laws change often and can get quite complicated which can lead to some issues. Luckily, our state helps out in these disputes and is very organized. The state of California wants to make sure that every situation is liveable and that the proper payments are made

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