The diverse and far-reaching city of Los Angeles is currently going through an extensive medical emergency and many of our first responders and doctors are left working in extreme conditions and risking their own lives. As Los Angeles watches the unimaginable unfold, your friends at Lipton Legal feel compelled to do what we can to help the first responders that are risking their lives to keep the greater whole healthy and safe. And at this most trying time, we have established the Lipton Legal Accident Relief Fund which aims to feed the first responders and heroes at our hospitals as they continue to risk their lives so we can have a better tomorrow.

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The fact is, these medical heroes are often over-worked, undernourished and widely underappreciated during this pandemic. At the epicenter of the outbreak in Los Angeles, our friends and family are quickly realizing the catastrophic impact this virus will thrust upon the lives of every Angeleno, whether you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or not.

In this trying time, your friends at Lipton Legal are doing everything we can to help those effected and the heroes at our front lines combating the virus.  Lipton Legal has worked extensively with the medical field throughout our livelihood and want to do everything we can to give back at our nation’s most trying time.

The Lipton Legal Accident Relief Fund aims to provide critical meals to those men and women who are currently risking their lives across hospitals across the nation, sometimes without proper protective equipment. Despite the fact that we cannot help or fill every need these heroes currently face, we must do everything we can to mitigate their stresses and concerns of, while they provide essential life-saving service.  As such, we have collaborated with Roaming Hunger, among many independent donors, to provide meals for our medical personnel during this time of need.

As such, Lipton Legal Group is proud to sponsor and organize the “Lipton Legal Accident Relief Fund,” an emergency fund designed to bring assistance to our heroes during these unprecedented times. The Lipton Legal Accident Relief Fund provides for those most effected at times like these, creating opportunities to raise funding for important causes, and to provide direct aid and assistance to our medical heroes who deserve our deepest gratitude and affection. In addition to organizing this great cause, Lipton Legal Group is proud to partner with Roaming Hunger, to have food trucks throughout our great city come and provide hot meals to our medical heroes, without any service fees or charges, as a token of our deep gratitude.

Partner Websites: Roaming Hunger   |   Rare Collectibles TV

[paypal-donation purpose=”Los Angeles Needs Our Help” reference=”Please Donate”]

The bottom line is that we must drop all of our internal bickering and come together as a people to ensure the survival of our great city.  To those that ask what we must do I answer, “we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty.”  BUT AS YOU KNOW, survival does not come cheap in this world and that is why we are here asking each of you to look into your hearts and reach into your wallets to make the burden a little less heavy on our heroes.  No matter how big or small, every contribution for this amazing cause helps us to continue our mission to feed our heroes.