Hollywood is such a recognizable landmark in the United States thanks to the film industry.  With an extremely dense population, it is no surprise that over 100,000 people get into accidents in Los Angeles.  In fact, almost everybody rents in the city.  Hollywood has some of the most renter-friendly laws when a dispute arises.

Almost all of the cases in Hollywood are heard at the immaculate Hollywood Courthouse located at 5925 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028.  We always want to settle a case outside of court because of money and time obligations, but it does not always work like that.  

What Makes Lipton Legal So Special?


Here at Lipton Legal Group, we put our best foot forward and provide the best legal plan for you.  We treat every client the same by working to help achieve the best results possible.  All of the information that we have is given to the client for the best results, which allow personal injury lawyer in Hollywood, Lipton Legal Group, to best represent you.  The best way to get results is to combine a personalized approach with resources and expert legal knowledge.


At Lipton Legal Group, we give every client the same service no matter who they are.   You will feel the support from us and be a priority among us.  Sometimes, legal groups forget how traumatic these processes can be.   At Lipton Legal, best injury lawyers Hollywood, we aim to answer all of your legal questions while updating you on everything that is going on.

        HOW WE SEE IT:

Lipton Legal Group is the premier source to go to in Southern California for all your legal needs. We pride ourselves on being diverse in our knowledge including personal injury, employment, business, and real estate law.

Our goal is to get results for our clients through our personalized legal plans and to keep up with all clients in the greater Los Angeles area.  We value what our clients have to say and we believe that is the best approach for a legal solution.  We are the best personal injury lawyer Hollywood.    

Our two main goals are to get you results as well as provide you with resources so you can make the best decision for yourself.  

How We Are Different From The Rest:

Lipton Legal Group is not only keen on providing the best service to clients, but we also do our part by working in the community. We partner with many charities and organizations, like The Queen of Hearts Rescue Foundation.

Due to the coronavirus, we now have the Lipton Legal Accident Relief Fund.  Roaming Hunger will help us to deliver meals.  These medical workers will get free meals through this.

At Lipton Legal, we pride ourselves on the idea of innovation and how to apply it to real-life legal situations.


A firm that prides itself on results and hard work, while reinforcing client transparency, promoting easy communication and commitment to results.

-Lipton Legal Group Hollywood


Our Primary Focus:


When injured because of someone else’s irresponsibility, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for damages, medical bills, loss of income, pain, disability, and emotional pain. Because of this, it is important to have an excellent attorney to stand up for you and get what you need.  It is important to get in touch with legal experts as soon as you are injured so you can remember how everything happened

When possible, appointments can be on the weekends and in the evenings. A legal professional can meet up with you to discuss how your situation can be handled. Give the top personal injury lawyer Hollywood, Lipton Legal Group, a ring through (310) 855-7556 for a free consultation.

Remember: If there is no compensation, there is no fee.


If you have been injured in California because of a car, a walking accident, a motorcycle incident, or a truck collision then you could seek compensation from the driver. You should not deal with those pesky insurance lawyers, whose job is to give you the least compensation.



We aim to help anyone that has been harmed emotionally at work. Lipton Legal Group is poised to help settle legal problems, like wage and hour claims, uncalled firings, discrimination, lack of payments, and other problems.

California is extremely helpful in employee-related legal issues because of the protection that the state gives.  Employees who have to go through these issues may be eligible for money back. There are no legal payments from personal injury lawyer Hollywood, Lipton Legal Group unless you are compensated. 


The process of renting can be quite complicated and we understand that. California law is helpful toward both parties when issues arise in renting property.  California rental laws help to make sure the property is a liveable condition, and that the payments are properly accounted for.

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