Orange County, California has great proximity to Disneyland and is close to the Anaheim Ducks and Anaheim Angels.  In fact, Orange is the central point of Orange County making it a commuter’s paradise.  Orange gets an influx of tourists because of Disneyland, and the population can get extremely dense.  Over 40% of the residents here are renters, making Orange a popular city to rent in Orange County.

Cases happening in Orange will likely be held at The Central Justice Center located at 700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, CA 92701.  We hope that your case does not go to the courts to save you trouble. Some of the other legal cases will go to Harbor Justice Center located at 4601 Jamboree Road Newport Beach, CA 92660.

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Solutions We Provide:

Personal injury lawyer in Orange, Lipton Legal, wants to help Orange County residents with their legal issues.  We want to give you the info that we have and help you make a decision.  We can give you the information that we have, but we want to know your input as well.


We know that clients wanted to be treated equally, and we give you that treatment with our approach.  It’s not about the money, we want to represent you and give you the best service.  We can answer your questions which is part of our customer service.  


Lipton Legal Group, personal injury lawyer in Orange, is the go-to source for all legal questions. There are many different facets of law, and we can handle an abundance of them.

Our service to clients is how we get the results that we do. Clients are extremely satisfied because of personalized customer service. We respect all of our clients and know how to take on their needs.


In addition, Lipton Legal wants to help out in Los Angeles. And now,  with The Queen of Hearts Rescue Foundation!

Our company can help the community in these tough times.  Lipton Legal Group has since introduced the Lipton Legal Accident Relief Fund.  The fund works with Roaming Hunger to provide meals for our frontline workers. Medical heroes will receive meals from food trucks driving around the city.

What Kind Of Work Do We Do?:


We can get you the monetary compensation that you need if you are injured.  Insurance companies will rarely do anything for you, so it’s great to contact personal injury lawyer in Orange, the Lipton Legal Group.

Lipton Legal also offers appointments on weeknights and weekends because of the client’s hectic schedules. Contact us today by calling (310) 855 7556 for an appointment.


There can be a claim made against an irresponsible driver that has hit you.  When this happens, insurance companies will not help you, so you need to get the best legal representation.



Workplace discrimination is never okay, so you will need to contact Lipton Legal Group if you are being discriminated against.

If there is a dispute while at work, we will get you the right amount of compensation that you need. If you don’t get your money back, you do not pay.


Property rentals can get very complicated and our company knows how tough it is.  The state is really only looking at the money being paid and the living situation is good.


Lipton Legal Group, A PC

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills…come by our offices to discuss your case, always easy parking!

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