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What is Small Claims Court?

Small claims court in California is a relatively quick and inexpensive forum, where individuals can sue for up to $10,000 in damages. In order to win, the parties must be prepared to present their case or to present a defense at the small claims court on the appointed date. Even though an attorney cannot represent either party, both the party suing (plaintiff) and the party being sued (defendant) can and should consult an attorney in order to review their case and be prepared for the court date. Typical small claims lawsuits are for:
• Breach of contract
• Unpaid personal loans
• Car repair disputes
• Unpaid wages
• Security deposit disputes and unpaid rent
• Issues with remodeling contractors
• Medical bills for a car accident
• Suing for a bad check (insufficient funds, stop payment, account closed)

Why Hire An Attorney?

If you are suing someone or if you are being sued in small claims court, it is very important that you are ready on your court date. Lipton Legal Group provides case review and a consultation services that will ensure that you are ready on your court date. Here is what you can expect when getting a consultation:
1. The attorney will carefully review your case from beginning to end, including all the documents and evidence that you have
2. The attorney will then provide you with a consultation and explain what you should expect in court and what you should do when you are there
3. The attorney will help you feel as prepared and confident as possible to present and win your case.

Other services are also available:

• Court Forms
• Preparation of legal documents
• Service of legal documents
• Filing of papers at small claims court
• Legal research
• Demand letters/response letters
You should not show up to small claims court unprepared. Call the office today at (310) 855-7556 for help with your case.